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Citizens Work allows freelancers to create a profile and display their work portfolio while businesses on the other hand can search through an array of freelancers based on experience, skills and related measures. Companies can also outsource labour and time consuming jobs in order to focus on their core activities

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Top Picked Categories

  • Writing & Translation 2 Listings

    Content Writing, Script writing, Commercials, Articles, Editing, Translation

  • Video & Animation 2 Listings

    Story-telling, 3D Animations, Gaming Visuals, Modelling & Rendering etc

  • Programming & Tech 0 Listings

    Coding and debugging, Designing and testing computer structures, Troubleshooting system errors, Managing database systems.

  • Mobile Apps Development 3 Listings

    App design, Software design, Coding, Native app writing, Backend web services, UX and UI

  • Digital Marketing 3 Listings

    Web Analyst/Data Analyst, Content Marketer,SEO executive/SEO manager/SEO analyst, Social Media Marketing

  • Graphics Design 1 Listings

    Visual communications, Logo design, Web flyers, Posters, Brand identity

  • Tutoring 0 Listings

    Teaching, Facilitating, Certifications, Voice training, Instruments, Home lectures, Sign languages, Course development, Training Administration

  • Web Development 0 Listings

    WordPress, Joomla, Web Design


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