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125i - brachytherpy seeds

time:28 february 2022






iodine[125i]brachytherapy source with apparent activities from 11.1mbq to 37.0mbq are indicated for permanent interstitial implantation of selected localizedtumors which are of low to moderate radiosensitivity. they may be used either as primary treatment such as for prostate cancer or unresectable tumors or for treatment of residual disease after excision of the primary tumor. the source in this apparent activity range may be used to treat superficial, intraabdominal, and intrathoracic tumors. tumors of the head, neck, lung, pancreas, and prostate of early stages are commonly treated. in addition, this products are indicated to treat residual tumors  concurrent with or at the completion of other treatment modalities,such as external beam radiation therapy.

description: iodine[125i]brachytherapy source consists of a welded titanium capsule containing 125i adsorbed onto a silver rod.

physical properties:  principle radionuclide: 125i
radionuclide purity:    

half-life of 125i:         59.43 days

types of radiation:      x-ray and gamma ray

energy level:    

       photon:          27.4kev
       x-ray :          31.4kev
      gamma ray :      35.5kev
fluorescent x-rays from the silver rod:  22.1kev and 25.2kev

decay  mode:

125i decays by electron capture with the emission of characteristic photons and electrons.the electrons are absorbed by the titanium wall.

product standard:

apparent activities:     

 geometric measurements:

external diameter:  

wall depth of capsule material:   
effective period:        
60 days