89srcl2 /153sm – edtmp injection-k8凯发就送28


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89srcl2 /153sm – edtmp injection

time:28 february 2022

strontium [89sr ] chloride injection is used for palliative treatment of bone pain in patients with metastases from carcinomas of the prostatic gland and mammary gland. the most frequent indication for strontium[89sr ] chloride therapy are multiple spread metastases in patients formerly treated with conventional therapeutic methods in which no pain relief response was obtained.


nuclide data

t1/2 :  50.5d;  

β- energy : 1.495mev    

technical parameter

radionuclidic purity:>99.9%

radioactive concentration:≥37mbq/ml

sr content:≤12.5mg/ml

al content:≤2μg/ ml 

ph: 4.0~7.5

expiration: 30 days after production


111mbq ;148mbq;222mbq;296mbq